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  • Are you are a motivated entrepreneur that has no problem talking to women?
  • Do you want an excuse to go out and have something real to offer attractive girls who could use some extra money?
  • Sign up as one of our agents and you will get a percentage of all the money that your girls earn.

All you need to do is hand out a link to the signup website that we will create for you. You will have you own domain name (Example "") and any girl who signs up on your url, is yours for the life of her relationship with our website. There is no paperwork. We pay the girls directly and we will pay you directly as well. All you need to do is find girls willing to sign up and give it a try. Nudity is not required. We have many models that make great money without taking their clothes off. They just need to be friendly and put the time in.

What are you waiting for, become an agent now !!!


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